I dislike celebrity gossip sites such as Gawker, TMZ, Smoking Gun and PerezHilton immensely and if could sabotage their servers and take them off-line forever I would. I don't like people who spread malice by talking trash about others and flinging personal insults which they believe are funny and witty. It's a form of schoolyard bullying elevated to an international forum, and it's just despicable.

I am not a C-list blogger — or even a D-lister. I have no demographic, theme or target audience. My blog has a mix of personal, professional and humorous posts that are fit for anyone to read and, hopefully, enjoy. I want my blog entries to enlighten and inspire, to make you laugh and cry and get all fired up over an issue that is just as important to you as it is to me. I'm, generally speaking, a very friendly and open individual and, so long as you're a nice person with a good heart, I will consider you a friend and take the time to get to know you better, learn more about who you are, you're life philosophies and ambitions, because I really and truly care about you.

When I lay on my deathbed I want to be able to say that I made some truly awesome friends along the way, not that I had a strong readership in the female 18-35 demographic, y'know?


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