While cleaning up my hard-drive today, I stumbled upon this old picture, from May of 2009. It's a page, taken from the NBC hit show HEROES online graphic novel series, "Rebellion, Part 3: Family" with artwork done by my friend, Jason Badower. Jase and I were pretty close during his stint on the HEROES graphic novels. So much so that, in addition to providing the cover art for my mega-hit webcomic, The Black Tower (when he was already insanely busy and under constant pressure from NBC), he chose to honour our friendship by putting my name in the above-mentioned HEROES comic, which was not only seen online by millions of people all over the world, it was also chosen by executives at NBC to be a special edition print comic to be handed out to fans at San Diego Comic-Con. Do you see my name, in the top panel depicting Broadway, in New York City (click on the pic for a close-up)? Just looking at the page, now, reminds me of all the fun times that we, the fans, had when HEROES was at its peak.

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